Back on the family farm in South Dakota, Lucille loved the taste of honey.  She incorporated it into many of her home cooked meals.  In her honor, Lucille's Gourmet Barrel-Aged Honey starts with local Mountain Wildflower Raw Honey that goes into freshly-emptied whiskey barrels from local distilleries.  Slowly it takes on flavors of whiskey, oak and vanilla creating a uniquely deep, rich honey that is truly transformed.  

Lucille's Gourmet Barrel-Aged Honey brings an extra special taste to biscuits, ham, roasted vegetables, your morning coffee or tea and even cocktails.  Check out our recipes for inspiration with your next meal. 

Stay tuned for other Lucille's Honey products including a Reserve Honey aged in special whiskey barrels and Peppermint Lip Balm.

Every once in a while, you just need some comfort food.  Something that brings you back to holiday family dinners with all the cousins fighting over the last of grandma's cinnamon rolls.  Burgers and hot dogs roasting over a fire in a Yellowstone campground with millions of stars as your chandellier.  

Lois & Traul's captures those homemade family favorites, and brings you a few new traditions as well.  Our first product is Bacon Jam - a savory spread made from caramelized sweet onions and slow cooked bacon.  Try Bacon Jam on your next sandwich or burger.  Pair it on crackers with cheese and a little prosciutto for a great appetizer.  

We're working on other Lois & Traul's products including Pickled Jalapeno Spears and Pepper Jam.

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