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Back on the family farm in South Dakota, Lucille loved the taste of honey.  She incorporated it into many of her home cooked meals.  In her honor, Lucille's Gourmet Barrel-Aged Honey starts with local Raw Honey that goes into freshly-emptied whiskey barrels from local distilleries.  Slowly it takes on flavors of whiskey, oak and vanilla creating a uniquely deep, rich honey that is truly transformed.  

Lucille's Gourmet Barrel-Aged Honey brings an extra special taste to biscuits, ham, roasted vegetables, your morning coffee or tea and even cocktails.  Check out our recipes for inspiration with your next meal. 

Our Habanero Infused Honey starts off with fresh Habanero Peppers.  We steep them into raw, local honey to impart that great habanero flavor and a little bit of heat.  The spice is there, but it won't overpower your food.  

Lucille's Habanero Infused Honey pairs with just about anything you want to add a little kick to.  It especially pairs well with seafood like grilled salmon or sauteed shrimp.  Honey and Pork are also an excellent combination.  Try some on your pulled pork sandwiches.  Put it on your cornbread or mix it into your tea, the possibilities are limitless.  If you're looking for some new ideas, check out our online recipes.


CBD is gaining popularity and acceptance as stress, pain and anxiety reliever.  There are many uses, and once you start researching you will see just how versatile CBD is.  We recommend talking with your doctor if you aren't sure about its advantages and effects.

Once you decide to give CBD a try, you're going to find numerous products on the market.  To ensure you are getting what you pay for, always look for data to back up the claims of strength and purity.  Each batch of Lucille's CBD Infused Honey is independently lab tested for CBD strength per serving as well as the presence of THC and Heavy Metals.  Since we use a US Sourced CBD Isolate, our product doesn't contain any THC or Heavy Metals.  Our test report are available online for you to confirm our claims. 

GingerLogo copy.png

We've had several requests for Ginger Infused Honey.  We have perfected our formula and the first batch is available now!


As with our other infused products, Lucille's Ginger Infused Honey starts out with local raw honey.  To this we add fresh grated Ginger. 


Ginger and Honey are a great combination and a classic flavor profile in all kinds of Asian dishes. Pair it with chicken or shrimp, it gives an extra complexity to your stir fry. Combined with lemon, Ginger Infused Honey goes great in tea. In the dessert department, how about some Gingerbread? I use a little ginger in my Molasses Cookie recipe. Make a refreshing spritzer with Lucille's Ginger Infused Honey and sparkling water. I'll be releasing several recipes that feature Lucille's Ginger Infused Honey so you can try them out for yourself. 

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